Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Acknowledgment Solution

Visual studio 2010 code here (code download) for a SharePoint 2010 Acknowledgement Solution.

Solution deploys an acknowledgement page using HTTP module to check SharePoint 2010 user profile every time user goes to site and presents users with acknowledgement page they must accept prior to accessing site.

It requires you add a new User Profile field named XYZACKNOW which the solution updates to capture that the user accepted.

Check out the featureactivated events to see how solution updates your web.config.

Includes web application scoped feature to deploy httpmodule and site collection scoped feature to deploy the aspx page which contains CEWP where you can put your own disclaimer – note: page has css inline to hide the SP 2010 ribbon bar and other components same way new modal dialog windows hide page components.

Hopefully code is self-explanatory.

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