Thursday, September 30, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Userprofile Import and NetBIOS

If your NetBIOS and domain names are different, Replicate Directory Changes permission for your user profile synchronization service account is also needed on the cn=configuration container (google it if your not sure where to change). In environments where both items are same, this permission is only required at the Domain level.

Also, before importing user profiles, NetBIOS domain names have to be enabled on the User Profile service application.

To "enable" NetBIOS domain names once a connection is created requires the connection to be deleted and a new connection created with the flag turned on (set to 1 or true).

How To: Enable import of NetBIOS Domain Names:

Using the 2010 SharePoint Management Shell, enter following commands:

Get-SPServiceApplication (lists the Service Applications and their GUIDs)
$UPA = Get-SPServiceApplication –Id <GUID of User Profile Service Application>

See more information regarding this issue at

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